The breeze from the fan ain’t better than the wind…

Day 1.

You got this? Yeah it’s not my first go-round.

I’ve had a very productive day.

You see…um…I worked, ran some errands, caught up on Insecure and now it’s late and I am sitting at my desk thinking on what to do with the time.

I light an unfinished joint from the ashtray.

How often can you look up the compatibility between two people?

I’m lying, that joint isn’t lit yet cause’ I can’t find the lighter.

Damn. I’ve been searching for it for like 15 mins. Watch I find it next week in the most random place.

Every time I see you it’s hues of blue.

The thoughts would just flow more if I was…I just lit the joint using the fire from the stove.

We lit!

My roses are dying, I don’t know what to do. I feel like I can’t take care of shit.

There we go, what kind of post will this be.

Eleven 54 pm thoughts. Not all my thoughts, but some of them:

When you’re a black person in an interracial relationship, it is important to ask your significant other the following question: “Do black lives matter or do all lives matter?”

How can you make love without love? You can’t. “Making love” without love is just passionate sex.

I missed my friends baby shower and I’m sad about it.

When I walk, I feel womanly. My walk is different.

I have to make up a dance routine. I need to try some new moves.

Odysseus has left for his journey.

Reality is mind blowing in perfection.

Attraction is about tension while love is about balance.

Thank you God for the people you have allowed me to cross paths with in this life.

Is someone/something watching everything all the time?

Be with someone who helps you become the best version of yourself.

I feel as if I need to take an ice bath after this weekend. Thank you July for all the love. Have you written down your goals for August? It’s here.


Rowing Down Moon River 

Today as I was listening to Spotify on Shuffle the song Moon River came on as I was walking to the Subway.

Andy Williams – Moon River
Between my job and my current living situation I’ve been feeling a bit stressed and somewhat down. After hearing the song sweetly sung by Andy Williams (I like the Audrey Hepburn version too) it reminded me of what I came here to do in NYC. It was a reminder to never lose sight of what matters to me and that we all have our “moon rivers” that we have to cross. Sometimes we’re crossing it alone or with someone but we need to keep going and be open about the journey we are on.

Moon River
I understand that my translation of “Moon River” may not align with yours but either way I hope you find some inspiration in this song and that you continue to row down your “Moon River” and greet your encounters with an open mind and an open heart.

Stay Cultured.
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27 in seven. 


Man, 17 was a good age. It was an age of becoming for me. Same goes for 23 and I believe the same will be for 27.
I’ve anticipated this age for a while…foreal…I’ve been really looking forward to turning 27. I truly believe that this is the age that everything will come together. I’ve known this for a while.

Upon anticipating this age, I’ve been more focused than ever.

It took me a while to get to the mindset that I’m in today but I’m happy that I’m here. It’s a good place.

At this age I believe that I am going to…

  • Finally launch my business
  • Go after my creative pursuits
  • Have the best body I’ve ever had
  • Learn how to contour my face 😂

At 26 I practiced patience, learned that I could freestyle, met a ton of Geminis (who all have a special place in my heart), grew spiritually, deactivated my Instagram, developed a partial distaste for alcohol, cut my hair into an asymmetrical bob, and…wandered…just like my grandfather told me to in that January dream.

img_6638 img_6637 img_6634

It seems that my year confirmations occur in January…

I had a confirmation of greatness a few weeks ago when I sat in a room full of people and went into myself. I was physically present but mentally, I was elsewhere. It was beautiful. I learned/realized that my stars aligned. Some people don’t believe in the stars but I do (when it pertains to me). I am a Aquarius Moon, a Pisces Sun and an Aries Rising. All of those signs occur right after the other on the zodiac chart (if you’re not sure what that means,  I’ll explain it in another post).

Another time was last month when I randomly met this lady in the bathroom of the Ace Hotel. She commented on my Nas shirt then started reading me. Basically she confirmed for me everything that I was thinking.  She encouraged me to continue working on my relationship with Jah (God), that 27 was going to be a big year for me, my greatest gift was empathy, that I needed to ground myself before entering into a room with “big” people and not being the first to speak and that I was on the fence about love. Needless to say, it was mind blowing.

img_6674 img_6719 img_6679

I was enthralled.

Yeah…I could name all the little occurances I’ve had but my words won’t do em any justice. I’ll tell you one thing, that burning desire is real and my intuition is never wrong.  I know that the desires of my heart are super close.

Which um…Hmmm…I ummmm…ehhh…

img_6893 img_6912

I stay on the fence about lov….err…okay I’ll be honest, marriage. But I know I’m gonna have a husband…eventually…he’ll probably gonna have to talk me into it but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna happen.


img_7007 img_7061 img_6842

Maybe I’ll stop being mean and actually give a dude the time of day. 🙃 Probably return a phone call, a text message…maybe I’ll allow myself to really fall in love. He’ll love me for my gentle aggressiveness and He’ll understand that I like to talk shit and rough house but at the same time be loved on and vulnerable. Yeah…maybe this year I can sing the song of new balance with someone actually in mind. I keep saying maybe when it’s a most likely. I just have the feeling.

Anyway…I’m sure at 27 my hair will still be messy, my eyebrows will still be thick, and I’ll still walk sideways (because I just have to walk over the entire sidewalk).


Oh, here are some pictures of me that I haven’t posted…

img_6671img_6731img_6732img_7510img_7512img_7511img_8190img_8194img_8332img_8680 img_7457

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She has three hearts.

Yesterday, via Instagram, Queen Bey announced to the world that the Carter clan will be growing by two (see above photo) and the internet went crazy.

Then Bey released a series of images from her maternity shoot. Her inspiration? Venus…the goddess of love.
I am in awe of these photos. Especially since I refer to myself as a water goddess (Pisces, duh).
I decided to take a few favorites from the shoot and share them on my site. You can see more of her shoot and motherhood timeline on her website: Beyoncé.com.

I have to admit, amongst all the crap going on in this country with Trump and his antics, it’s nice to have something beautiful to distract us for a moment.

Congratulations again to the Carters! 💜

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A letter to my niece on her 21st birthday! 

Dear Sabrina (Brie),

The day I learned about your existence I was confused. It was sometime in the summer of 1995, and I was five years old enjoying my time with my sister, wearing sandals with socks and “tricking” ants into crawling into empty plastic cups. I didn’t realize how much my life would change when I found out that my sister was having a baby.

I remember my thoughts distinctively: “I’m too young to be an aunt! Being an aunt is for old people like Aunt Sharon.”

Cleary my mind missed the memo that I was already an aunt…

Fast forward a few months later I remember your mother taking a picture in front of the bookcase in our old house and her light skin belly sticking out to what seemed to be a thousand inches away from her body. We were in the final stretch of her pregnancy and it was then that I understood that everything I knew was about to change.

I was the baby of the family but not anymore. I had to man up. I had to teach you everything I knew and lead by example.

Was I low-key jealous? Yes. I was Angelica Pickles and you were Tommy Pickles. I was the boss and you were my employee. And since you took away my limelight, you had to pay.

But it didn’t quite work out that way…

Momma said you were born with an attitude. She was right, you weren’t with the shits at all. We would fight all the time, and it drove my sister up a wall. I would pick with you and you would fight back. We practiced our latest fighting moves on each other, and tore up the entire house with our antics. But it was always love at the end of the day.

We’ve created so many memories. From pretending to be power rangers beating each other up, to “flying throughout the sky,” and De’Liccia and I playing tricks on your innocent self (sorry for not catching you when we told you to jump off the bed lol). Growing up with you was fun. Remember when I tried to “brainwash” you into thinking that you were an Eskimo that lived in an igloo in Alaska and drove a “sleighdog?” Sorry about that, but at least it was kind of educational, right?

We’ve made many memories along the way and we will continue to do so as long as we both live. But today, is an iconic day. It is the last official day of Obama’s presidency but most of all it is your 21st birthday.

When I turned 21 I ended a toxic relationship and friendship, transferred to a new school, moved out of my parents house and went to Las Vegas for the first time. It was a year of growth and a turning point in my life. I believe that the same will happen for you this year. Like you, I too was born on a Friday and Friday’s child was born to give. You’re a very giving person no doubt, it’s in your nature. But this year I want you to give more to yourself.

Give like you never have before. Give more time to your passions, spend time with yourself, realize your dreams and write it all down. Yes, write it down, visualize it and watch it come to life. Heck that’s how I got here to NYC. You can create the life you want by willing it into existence. Yeah, it’ll be a little challenging at first but I know you can do it.

Now that you have legal access to alcohol, casinos, 21+ clubs and a lot of other bull, don’t allow yourself to be consumed by it. With more freedom comes more responsibility. You’ve seen people lose their way by getting tied up in the bull. Don’t let that happen to you. There are things and people that will limit you and try to hold you back. That is something that you cannot allow. There are limiting thoughts that probably cloud up your mind telling you that you’re incapable or you’re not enough. I’m here to tell you that those are lies. I want you to remember that you are enough and that you always have more than enough. You come from greatness and you are greatness. I pray that you continue you to see that as you grow and develop.
A friend once told me that when you pick something up you must put something else down. So now that you’re a new age, what are you picking up and what are you putting down?

The habits/routines that you develop now will be harder to break as you get older. So the time has come for you to reprogram your mind and shed the excess weight of negative people/thoughts so you can walk purposefully in your purpose. No you’re not going to have it all figured out right away and even when you think you’ve got it, sometimes life has something else in mind for you.

It’s all good because it’s all a part of your story. Your 20’s are the best years of your life. Shit, every year is the best year of your life. Enjoy it. Make it count and make it all worthwhile.

I know this is kind of lengthy so I’m going to leave you with this, this should help you get started: Be grateful for what’s working instead of focusing on what’s lacking and that gratefulness will amplify.

I love you and I know you’re going to be great. Happy Birthday young grasshopper!



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The perks of flying coach…

…is an entire row by yourself…

…with the view of the…



When I opened my shade and saw this mess, I had one of the biggest laughs of my life. I mean seriously, this had to be a joke, right? Nope! No matter how many times I opened and closed my shutter during the flight the engine was always there.


At least my flight on my way back to NYC had a better view.

That’s a part of the wing, pictured in my photo of us flying over the Atlantic as we’re preparing to land at JFK.

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Thank You for Perching

Today, as I was sitting at my desk crafting my content calendar, I happened to look to the left of me and noticed this beautiful red bird perched on my back porch. It was a cardinal. Although I am not a big fan of birds (or anything that flies for that matter) I was in awe of its beauty and its freedom. Then I thought to myself “What is the symbolic meaning behind a cardinal?” I then did a little sleuthing and this is what I learned:

The cardinal reminds us to hold ours heads high and to take pride in ourselves (not egotistically). It reminds us to believe in ourselves and our abilities, and to be confident as we are all born with nobility. Accept your compliments and acknowledge your achievements. The bright red of the cardinal encourages us to be receptive of the creative energy flowing our way.

You see, it’s the little things/signs that God/The Universe gives us to encourage us to keep going and to know that we are well on our way to greatness.

So thank you little cardinal for your mini visit, it was motivating.

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Shaping Reality Through My Tweets

A few days ago I was tweeting about how to shape your reality by manifesting your thoughts correctly. I felt that tweets were so simple that they would serve as good content for the blog and so that they won’t disappear in my personal timeline.

So incase you missed it, here they are:

Side note: I should have said “If you don’t know the ‘I’…”

Manifest the creator within. This is basically the formula to attract what you want/shape your reality.

Believe then achieve.

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Loving your best kind of life

We live in a world where we have the opportunity to put everything we do out on display for the world to see. Whether it is a six second video or a picture, we have multiple ways to document life.

So what does it take to live your best kind of life? It is the following:

  1. Not just talking about it, being about it. Are you ’bout it?
  2. Being thankful for every moment.
  3. Taking a chance on something you’ve always wanted to do
  4. Enjoying the journey
  5. Always showing love along the way

When I first wrote the title of this post I accidentally wrote “loving” instead of “living” which got me thinking, that it’s basically the same thing. Living your best kind of life is loving your best kind of life. Either way we are starting in our own movie (or music video) everyday.

Oh and I’m wishing a Happy Birthday to my dear friend Nick!! Love you much!