Thank You for Perching

Today, as I was sitting at my desk crafting my content calendar, I happened to look to the left of me and noticed this beautiful red bird perched on my back porch. It was a cardinal. Although I am not a big fan of birds (or anything that flies for that matter) I was in awe of its beauty and its freedom. Then I thought to myself “What is the symbolic meaning behind a cardinal?” I then did a little sleuthing and this is what I learned:

The cardinal reminds us to hold ours heads high and to take pride in ourselves (not egotistically). It reminds us to believe in ourselves and our abilities, and to be confident as we are all born with nobility. Accept your compliments and acknowledge your achievements. The bright red of the cardinal encourages us to be receptive of the creative energy flowing our way.

You see, it’s the little things/signs that God/The Universe gives us to encourage us to keep going and to know that we are well on our way to greatness.

So thank you little cardinal for your mini visit, it was motivating.

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Shaping Reality Through My Tweets

A few days ago I was tweeting about how to shape your reality by manifesting your thoughts correctly. I felt that tweets were so simple that they would serve as good content for the blog and so that they won’t disappear in my personal timeline.

So incase you missed it, here they are:

Side note: I should have said “If you don’t know the ‘I’…”

Manifest the creator within. This is basically the formula to attract what you want/shape your reality.

Believe then achieve.

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