27 in seven. 


Man, 17 was a good age. It was an age of becoming for me. Same goes for 23 and I believe the same will be for 27.
I’ve anticipated this age for a while…foreal…I’ve been really looking forward to turning 27. I truly believe that this is the age that everything will come together. I’ve known this for a while.

Upon anticipating this age, I’ve been more focused than ever.

It took me a while to get to the mindset that I’m in today but I’m happy that I’m here. It’s a good place.

At this age I believe that I am going to…

  • Finally launch my business
  • Go after my creative pursuits
  • Have the best body I’ve ever had
  • Learn how to contour my face 😂

At 26 I practiced patience, learned that I could freestyle, met a ton of Geminis (who all have a special place in my heart), grew spiritually, deactivated my Instagram, developed a partial distaste for alcohol, cut my hair into an asymmetrical bob, and…wandered…just like my grandfather told me to in that January dream.

img_6638 img_6637 img_6634

It seems that my year confirmations occur in January…

I had a confirmation of greatness a few weeks ago when I sat in a room full of people and went into myself. I was physically present but mentally, I was elsewhere. It was beautiful. I learned/realized that my stars aligned. Some people don’t believe in the stars but I do (when it pertains to me). I am a Aquarius Moon, a Pisces Sun and an Aries Rising. All of those signs occur right after the other on the zodiac chart (if you’re not sure what that means,  I’ll explain it in another post).

Another time was last month when I randomly met this lady in the bathroom of the Ace Hotel. She commented on my Nas shirt then started reading me. Basically she confirmed for me everything that I was thinking.  She encouraged me to continue working on my relationship with Jah (God), that 27 was going to be a big year for me, my greatest gift was empathy, that I needed to ground myself before entering into a room with “big” people and not being the first to speak and that I was on the fence about love. Needless to say, it was mind blowing.

img_6674 img_6719 img_6679

I was enthralled.

Yeah…I could name all the little occurances I’ve had but my words won’t do em any justice. I’ll tell you one thing, that burning desire is real and my intuition is never wrong.  I know that the desires of my heart are super close.

Which um…Hmmm…I ummmm…ehhh…

img_6893 img_6912

I stay on the fence about lov….err…okay I’ll be honest, marriage. But I know I’m gonna have a husband…eventually…he’ll probably gonna have to talk me into it but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna happen.


img_7007 img_7061 img_6842

Maybe I’ll stop being mean and actually give a dude the time of day. 🙃 Probably return a phone call, a text message…maybe I’ll allow myself to really fall in love. He’ll love me for my gentle aggressiveness and He’ll understand that I like to talk shit and rough house but at the same time be loved on and vulnerable. Yeah…maybe this year I can sing the song of new balance with someone actually in mind. I keep saying maybe when it’s a most likely. I just have the feeling.

Anyway…I’m sure at 27 my hair will still be messy, my eyebrows will still be thick, and I’ll still walk sideways (because I just have to walk over the entire sidewalk).


Oh, here are some pictures of me that I haven’t posted…

img_6671img_6731img_6732img_7510img_7512img_7511img_8190img_8194img_8332img_8680 img_7457

HSea Signature


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