Rowing Down Moon River 

Today as I was listening to Spotify on Shuffle the song Moon River came on as I was walking to the Subway.

Andy Williams – Moon River
Between my job and my current living situation I’ve been feeling a bit stressed and somewhat down. After hearing the song sweetly sung by Andy Williams (I like the Audrey Hepburn version too) it reminded me of what I came here to do in NYC. It was a reminder to never lose sight of what matters to me and that we all have our “moon rivers” that we have to cross. Sometimes we’re crossing it alone or with someone but we need to keep going and be open about the journey we are on.

Moon River
I understand that my translation of “Moon River” may not align with yours but either way I hope you find some inspiration in this song and that you continue to row down your “Moon River” and greet your encounters with an open mind and an open heart.

Stay Cultured.
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