When you don’t know what you’re doing with your life…

What book do you read? 

What questions do you ask?

What spices do you burn?

What country do you visit?

What stranger do you talk to?

Who has the answers? 

All the whos and whats while you’re waiting on the when. 


Mid-year evaluations: Goals To reach by Feb 23rd 2016

1. Become better at meditating 

2. Start training to get a bikini body so I can enter into a swimsuit contest next summer. 

3. Take an improv/acting/hosting class

4. Start YouTube channel 

5. Learn how to do flawless makeup 

 6. Cook an entire meal from scratch

7. Make a wig

8. Go to another country that isn’t Mexico, Canada or the U.S.

9. Dye my hair (jury is still out on this one)

10. Have over 1,000 subscribers to my channel. 
So that’s it. Others are a more demanding than the others but I believe that I can do it. 😊